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Zalika believes that mental health wellness and safety within the community , at work, at home and at play is possible and achievable !!

As a passionate educator and social worker, Zalika  endeavors to demystify mental illness and open the communication about mental wellness.  She was excited to earn instructor status for the Mental Health First Aid Canada program as she believes this course is an impactful foundational first step to addressing mental health problems within a persons life and within the community in general.

With over three decades of work experience, Zalika has been involved in many workplace Occupational, Health and Safety committees as well as Social and Professional Development committees.  Always willing to be part of the solution, Zalika is  a role model for creating and sustaining unique approaches to resolving personal , community and workplace challenges.

Her professional education began with a Bachelor of Social Work (1983) and has included continuous professional development in such areas as: Mental Health First Aid Instructor Canada (2011); Certificates in Motivational Interviewing, Leadership and Coaching; Program Facilitation; Peer Counselling; Family Group Conference Facilitator (Saskatchewan Justice, 1996) and numerous other courses, that have supported and enhanced her work within the human service field.

Zalika’s passion for mental health education began early in her career as a Psychiatric Community Social Worker in Northern Saskatchewan.  Her understanding and skills were further developed during her role as Executive Director of a treatment home for persons with mental health challenges.  It was during this time her father had a tragic workplace incident, resulting in permanent brain damage for her father and severe emotional distress for his coworkers and of course for his family.  At that time the only available support was financial through workman’s compensation, with no one addressing the resulting traumatic emotional impact of the situation.  Due to the nature of her work and her own personal family experiences, Zalika has developed an unique safety approach to mental wellness. She knows and believes very strongly that mental health problems are much more than a hereditary condition.  Mental health problems can also be triggered by a traumatic event in one’s life either at work, at home or in the community.  Left alone, it is a painful, lonely and progressive condition that disables a person and all who are connected to that person.  Have you ever wondered why we don’t send flowers to those on mental medical leave like we do for those on a physical medical leave?  Have you ever felt helpless, watching someone close to you struggle with overwhelming anxiety or depression?  It doesn’t have to be that way! Her passion and compassion for mental health awareness and education knows no boundaries!

Zalika’s work and impact on clients and the workplace have been acknowledged throughout  the years, most recently with the LOLA (Life Of Learning Award) which demonstrated her love and passion of learning and sharing that learning.  However, her most valued awards and rewards are the hundreds of personal thank you notes, cards and calls she has received.

Zalika adds unique insight, humor and extensive knowledge to her training that engages the participant in the learning process.  Participants will leave the 2 day MHFA course understanding the role they have in creating a Psychologically Safe and Healthy Life for themselves and for their Community and their Workplace.

She is looking forward to working with you!

Call at 403-2083755 or zalika@mentalhealthsafety.com

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